Ethnopharmacological Note: Note on the Use of Caesalpinia nuga (L.) Aiton against malaria by Chak tribal healers of Bangladesh
Wahid Mozammel Haq, Shahadat Hossan, Abu Hanif and Rownak Jahan

Bandarban district is in the Chittagong Hill Tracts region – an area of low hills and dense forests in the southeast part of Bangladesh. The region is the home of several major and minor tribes of Bangladesh, including the Chak tribe, which is sometimes confused with the Chakma tribe – a much larger tribe of the region. In an ethnomedicinal survey conducted among the Chak tribe and its tribal medicinal practitioners, an unusual use of the seeds of Caesalpinia nuga (L.) W.T. Aiton (Fabaceae family) was noted, which is reported here.

Keywords: Caesalpinia nuga, malaria