Ethnopharmacological Note: Note on the Use of Stenochlaena palustris (Burm.f.) Bedd. (Blechnaceae) by a Chakma tribal healer of Khagrachari district, Bangladesh to treat testicular atrophy
Farjana Akther Noor and Sharmin Jahan

Stenochlaena palustris (Burm.f.) Bedd. (Blechnaceae family) is an edible species of fern found in countries like Bangladesh, India and Malaysia. In English, it is known as the climbing swamp fern. The species has been reported from Khagrachari district in the Chittagong Hill Tracts in the southeast corner of Bangladesh, where it is used by the Chakma tribal healers for medicinal purposes. In Chakma language, the plant is known as archanga. Folk medicinal healers around the Upper Songkhla Lake in Thailand reportedly use decoction of the whole plant orally to treat fever.

Keywords: Stenochlaena palustris, testicular atrophy