Ethnopharmacological Note: A novel use of Cuscuta reflexa Roxb. (Cuscutaceae) by a Tripura tribal healer of Khagrachari district, Bangladesh to treat bone fracture 
Samsun Nahar, M. Shahadat Hossan and Mohammed Rahmatullah 

Cuscuta reflexa Roxb. (Cuscutaceae) is known as giant dodder in English and “swarna lota” in Bangladesh. It is a parasitic vinous plant, which can be easily observed entwining other plants in the wild areas or roadsides of the country. The plant does not have any leaves; a yellowish coloured stem essentially form the whole plant. The plant is considered ethnomedicinally important. The people of Malihabad, Lucknow district, Rajasthan, India, use the plant to treat leucoderm.

Keywords: Cuscuta reflexa, bone fracture