Ethnopharmacological Note: Multiple folk medicinal uses of Tamarindus indica L. plant parts
Marjina Akter Kalpana, Fatema Rehana, K.M. Istieake Ahmed, Ahmed Abrar Muttak

Tamarindus indica L. (Fabaceae) is a tree, which can be found in various countries in tropical regions of Africa and Asia. It can be found in the wild but is also cultivated for its edible pods, which are used in cuisines. Various parts of the tree also have medicinal uses. In English the tree is known as the tamarind tree, while in Bangladesh it is known as ‘tetul’. Folk medicinal practitioners (FMPs) in Pabna district of Bangladesh have been reported to use roots of the plant for treatment of chest pain with respiratory difficulties

Keywords: Tamarindus indica, Bangladesh