Ethnopharmacological Note: Note on novel uses of Nigella sativa seed oil for treatment of cancer and Hepatitis D
Najmun Nahar Chhanda, Priyanka Rani Roy, Tanben Rahman, Mohammed Rahmatullah, Syeda Seraj

Nigella sativa L. is an annual flowering plant belonging to the Ranunculaceae family. It is known in English as black cumin and in Bangladesh as ‘kali jira’. The plant is cultivated in Bangladesh for both culinary and medicinal uses. In various localities of Bhopal district, India, the seeds of the plant are used to treat stone diseases. In Moulvibazar district of Bangladesh, the Nag clan of the Rai Ghatual tribe use seeds of the plant in a polyherbal formulation to treat fever and loss of appetite. The Tai-Khamyangs of Assam, India, use the seeds to treat gastric disorders. A folk medicinal practitioner in Manikganj district, Bangladesh uses the seeds to treat skin diseases and constipation.

Keywords: Nigella sativa, cancer, hepatitis D