Ethnopharmacological Note: Heliconia rostrata Ruiz & Pav. (Heliconiaceae) – A previously unreported plant for treatment of diabetes and diabetes-induced edema
S.M. Shatil Shahriar, Be-nazir Farzana, Mohammed Rahmatullah

Heliconia rostrata Ruiz & Pav. (Heliconiaceae) is a comparatively rare plant found in the Rema Kalenga Wildlife Sanctuary in Sylhet Division in the northeast of Bangladesh and Bagerhat district in the southwest part of Bangladesh. In English, it is known as Lobster Claw Plant. In Bangladesh, the plant is known as heliconia. The flower of this plant is considered as the national flower of Bolivia. To our knowledge, only one previous ethnomedicinal use of this plant has been reported from Bangladesh. Folk medicinal practitioners in two villages by the Rupsha River in Bagerhat District of the country use leaves and seeds of the plant as a tonic and to treat headache, sprains and pain

Keywords: Heliconia rostrata, diabetes