Acute and Semi-chronic Toxicity of Panax stipuleanatus H. T. Tsai et K. M. Feng Saponin 
Enriched Extracts in Animal Model

Vu Thi Thom, Do Thi Quynh, Dinh Doan Long, Duong Thi Ly Huong

Abstract: Panax stipuleanatus H. Tsai et K.M. Feng exerted multiple effects on vascular bed by inducing the smooth muscle relaxation via releasing NO production as well as inhibited the platelet aggregation. Despite expression the obvious beneficial effects, the toxicity of Panax stipuleanatus H. Tsai et K.M. Feng extracts needed to be elucidated. The toxicity effects of the extracts were elucidated by acute toxicity tests in mice, semi-chronic toxicity test in rabbits for hematology, biochemistry and pathohistology. The results of acute toxicity showed that lethal dose 50% of Panax stipuleanatus H. Tsai et K.M. Feng extracts was 23.74 (20.59 – 26.75) g/kg. Using doses of 0.01g/kg/24h (dose 1) and 0.03g/kg/24h (dose 2) by oral administration up to 4 weeks for semichronic toxicity test, there was no significant difference in hematology, kidney and liver biochemistry function, coagulation and organ morphology in experimental rabbits at all the time points. The conclusion was Panax stipuleanatus H. Tsai et K.M. Feng with biological doses did not cause semi-chronic toxicity to experimental animals in this study.

Keywords: Panax stipuleanatus, acute toxicity, semi-chronic toxicity, mice, rabbits