The anticancer activities of isolated compounds from Prismatomeris malayana Ridley against selected cancer cell lines
Nor Hayati Abdullah, Nurhanan Murni Yunos, Siti Syarifah Mohd Mutalip, Ong Boo Kean

The methanol crude extracts of the leaves, stems, and roots of Prismatomeris malayana were partitioned using petroleum ether, chloroform, and ethyl acetate to produce fractions with different polarity. Form our previous study, compounds in selected fractions were separated using chromatographic techniques. The structural elucidations on these compounds were performed using NMR, IR, and LC-MS/MS and the data produced were compared with the empirical data of known compounds. Twelve compounds were successfully isolated and characterized. Sulphorhodamine-B (SRB) assays were performed on these crude extracts, fractions, and compounds against four different cancer cell lines namely SKOV3, CaOV3, MCF-7, HT-29, and the normal liver cell line; WRL-68. Most of the compounds produced moderate anti-cancer activities with IC50 values ranging from 33.6 to 52.2 μg/mL. Compound 1 (a triterpene) was found to be the most active compound against MCF-7, CaOV3, and HT29 cancer cell lines tested (IC50 ranged from 5.50 to 15.16 μM) but was not active against the normal cell line (IC50 > 20 μM).

Keywords: Prismatomeris malayana; anti-cancer, in vitro; SRB assay; chemical constituents