The Asian Society of Pharmacognosy 
“The Asian Society of Pharmacognosy” (ASP) is a professional Society devoted to promoting education, research and dissemination of information about pharmacognosy (Materia Medica), which encompasses the study of medicinal plants used in medical practice (official and alternative).

This Society aims not only at contributing to the development of pharmacognosy as a curriculum discipline of pharmacy, but also aims to stimulate post-graduate research in pharmacological activities of Asian plants or active principles, toxicology of Asian medicinal plants, ethnopharmacology, alternative medicines and more. The teaching of pharmacognosy is a fundamental component of the pharmacy curriculum and a pillar of post-graduate drug discovery research. The precise certification of a medicinal plant product is critical to ensure the safety of patients. Likewise, the manufacture of plant or fungal products requires strict taxonomical control. Another aspect is the falsification of raw material that is not only a fraud but puts the life of patients at risks. The teaching of pharmacognosy has been removed from the pharmacy syllabus in a number of Asian universities and the “The Asian Society of Pharmacognosy” offers a platform to professionals in the field of Asian medicinal plant (from Ankara to Beijing) research to preserve one of, if not, the oldest discipline of pharmacy and medicine.

Asian medicinal plants are extremely popular, and pharmacognosy is more than ever needed in teaching, research and development. We hope to create a vibrant college of researchers, academics and students sharing the same passion for the study of medicinal products.
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