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The “Asian Journal of Pharmacognosy” publishes peer reviewed original research articles, review papers and short communications dealing with Asian pharmacognosy, pharmacological activities of Asian medicinal plants, phytochemistry of Asian medicinal plants, toxicity of Asian medicinal plants, ethnopharmacology and ethnobotany of Asian medicinal plants. The journal also considers short notes to report on traditional medicines used in Asia. The “Asian Journal of Pharmacognosy” is also aimed at giving an opportunity to researchers from developed countries, without big labs and funds to publish their good and simple scientific observations and evidence in an academic peer reviewed journal without having to pay high publishing fees. Our journal is solely dedicated to spread knowledge and information on medicinal plants from Asia. The current health and ecological issues faced in Asia require an urgent need to offer a professional platform of scientific communication between Asian countries to protect the community and we are aiming at facilitating such communications on medicinal plants.

The Asian Journal of Pharmacognosy encourages the submission of ethnopharmacological notes on the uses and preparations of Asian medicinal items (dried plants, mushrooms, minerals, animals). These notes should encompass traditional uses, storage, dosage, and formulations. Also, academics are welcome to write articles, notes, and letters to the editor to express their views on research topics in general that impacts on natural philosophy and science, or other academic or research commentaries on the social sciences that have a bearing on the practice and functionality of the natural sciences in society at large. 

Submissions of papers and review process to AJP are free. 
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