Drug discovery
(COVID-19, antiviral drugs, antibacterial drugs, cancer, metabolite syndrome, parasitology research) from medicinal plants
World Union for Herbal Drug Discovery (WUHeDD), an international research network (IRN), has been mooted since March 2019 at Walailak University, Thailand. Thus far, there are members from different parts of the world (e.g., Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, China, Iran, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Russia, Thailand, Uganda, United Kingdom, and so on) who have been actively participated in the series of our research activities such as symposium, conference, publication, grant application, join projects related to plants-based medicine. If anyone would like to collaborate with our team members, you are most welcome, and please write to Dr Veeranoot Nissapatorn as a WUHeDD coordinator at "nissapat@gmail.com" cc "Christophe.Wiart@nottingham.edu.my".